JUNE 10, 2018

I just wanted to take a moment to share these vibes with you! I’m integrating this high I have been feeling from traveling to England, visiting sacred sites in various locations. Stonehenge, The Tor in Glastonbury, The Roman Baths and as you see here the Chalice Well. These sites are ancient, dating back to Late Neolithic times through the days of Medieval past, and now here in the Modern World.
I found myself in reverie looking through this well spring honoring the pursuit of enchantment, and a look into the garden of the soul. I travel through time with the same principal in which many migrated to honor these sites throughout history. All coming with the yearning to experience a movement within themselves. Something that could stir the pulse of their inner richness, spiritual reservoir, the well within their own nature.
And, what can we bring back from this? Some may or may not feel the dance that echoes of long ago through the invisible worlds of spirit. One can only contemplate, and if willing to go deeper and deeper into the well, will find the answers they are searching for.
In our world of busy~ness we only allow ourselves to scrape the surface. To judge an experience or place on a surface level. But wait, what if you listen through a deeper knowing and connection?
The bubbling springs are constantly flowing through us. What is moving through you in these powerful times? Strength, empowerment, femininity, grace? Stress, overwhelm, fatigue?
If your feeling too caught up in daily life, then its time to take notice. Go to the inner waters and allow yourself to be moved by the deep emanations of your heart.

Donna Brickwood