A Goddess Tribute

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There is a deep seeded passion. One that moves back into time and space. Where a young girl believes she can save the world. To be a protector of what she holds dear in her heart. Loved ones, her family, an idea, a belief, the natural world. Her heart lifts out of her chest like the Thunderbird, and propels itself forward as she knows from the depths of her core this is something sacred.

She carries a message within her, that she may not even be aware of at the time. But, like a blossoming of a flower ripens with age and experience. She knows she is nurturing something. She feels the strength building inside of her like the swelling of the tides. It rises within her like the flame of pure passion as she feels it in her throat like a ball rising to be released. It is in this process and moment of clarity that she links this to all that she has been leading up to at this point.
It is the message her soul has been waiting for, and the timeliness that the Earth and her People need in this moment.

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    She embraces herself now as a Woman. A Goddess. A Fighter of the Good Fight.

    Yes, there may be struggle, but she rises up like the Phoenix burning away her own fears, worries, and inner demons. She carries a fierceness within her. Not from anger, or self righteousness, but from the devotion of herself and connection to spirit, that she has a purpose, a mission. That only she can bring forth in her authenticity and unique nature.

    She sees her truth and revels in the humility of her own reflection. She bows her heart to Source as she is also a witness of the Creator within.

    She is the Mystery. She carries the void of pure potential within her womb, and cradles it with the grace of her own emotional maturity and conscious nature.
    She is you. She is me. We recognize this in all the women and men of the ages, as we heal the collective karma of abuse and discontention.

    She slays the negative aspects of the lower ego, and vibration that has her captured, and through her connection to the Divine, she knows what to do. She balances the world, and the illusion, as she balances the duality within herself.

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    She knows she embodies the feminine, acknowledges the masculine and child in her oneness. And exemplifies this in how she reacts to this world. She has an awareness of herself, she looks deep into the mirror of her soul, and not the superficial veneer. If she goes deep, she will find magic. She will touch the universe and open the veils of a world of possibilities. She closes the door to the world that tells her, no.
    She is a force. And she owns the Goddess within.

    She has enchantment in her eyes. A pillar of power in her stance. Her attention and focus is like the straightest of arrows. She focuses on her target with absolute conviction. She pulls back her bow in a silent crescendo, as she knows it is in the moment of release, and letting go, she must fill herself with a stillness. And only the purity of her breathe, and life force moves straight into the belly of her desires.

    She is a catalyst for growth, a way finder, a seeker and quester of life’s great mysteries. She sees the teacher in everyone she meets, as it is an opportunity to witness the uniqueness of the Universe. She knows that all of you carry the stars, and the planets from within.


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      Donna Brickwood