In the beginning…

There was a time when humans could engage with the natural world more authentically and intuitively. There was a reciprocal relationship in which people would learn to live more in harmony with the elements, the changing of the seasons, and receive their own intuitive guidance from the animal world and landscape around them.

There is evidence that Shamanic practices have existed for 30,000+ years & have been found through out most ancient cultures and continents. This practice dove deep into the relationship of the plants, animals, trees, and elementals.

The natural world was honored, because it served as a constant teacher for those that lived upon the earth. The environment would dictate how the people and animals would move, eat, and settle into their homes. This mutual relationship would create a constant interaction, listening, giving, receiving, and keen awareness.

Because we do not live in these times where we feel stretched to hone in skills of survival and awareness, many of us have lost this connection and conversation. Or, need more guidance to hone in this ability.


In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.
— Aristotle
Your Guide, Donna Brickwood.

Your Guide, Donna Brickwood.


Why is this important?

Bridge the Worlds.

We are nature. The elementals, the animals has a consciousness that is willing to connect with us. And if you are reading this, maybe your soul is seeking for that connection once again? To live a life more in harmony with the magical and insightful world around you. To bridge the worlds of connection to the Temple of Creation verses the chronic disconnect that leads us to separation from our roots, our true nature and intuition.


If your feeling called to:

  • Communicate more clearly with Nature and Animals in the Physical and Spiritual worlds.

  • Go way deeper than looking at a book/resource definition to find meaning in animal interaction. Find your own truth!

  • Understand more fully, and know how to interpret signs from the Animal Realms, Dream World and the Universe.

  • Trust your own intuition, and flow with life verses questioning your own wisdom and source of truth.

  • Establish a deeper relationship with Nature and your Guides for Self Discovery.

  • Nurture a powerful connection to Source and tap fully into your stream of consciousness instantly.

  • Tune yourself into Nature’s Cycle & Rhythms.

  • Heighten your Awareness and hone in your unique gifts.

  • Strengthen your spiritual & emotional bodies thru self healing inner work.

  • Explore new ways of Intuitive Communication and raise your consciousness.

  • Create Lifestyle shifts that feel more aligned & supportive to your life’s passion and purpose.

  • Sharpen your spiritual skills of awareness in practical every day situations.


This class will merge aspects of yourself into your higher potential, so you can experience life more fully. You will gain the freedom of understanding the fullness of your spiritual intelligence, and access your inner wisdom leading to more trust in life, and within Your Self.

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This Course will cover:

  • How animal behaviors, interactions and synchronicity mirror our personal lives, and how we can use this wisdom to apply to our most important and pressing questions.

  • How to connect to nature in a more meaningful way, that brings a greater sense of balance and anchoring a centered life.

  • When you have a “drunken compass”. How to decipher mixed, conflicting messages or signs. Get clear through confusion.

  • Meditative and Drum Journey Techniques to explore with your Animal Guides to gain clarity & insight on your life path.

  • Learn therapeutic awareness exercises to benefit, cope and soothe the stressors of challenge, obstacles, and indecision.

  • How to be more present and aligned to your true nature and how to walk more confidently in the world.

  • Practical tools to learn how to identify, unravel and interpret these subtle messages from the physical and spiritual planes.


About Your Guide

Donna Brickwood has been professionally training in the Healing Arts since 2000. Presently, she is the owner and visionary of Sacred Space Healing Arts in Beacon, NY. She has been intuitively working with individuals from a holistic perspective bridging their physical bodies, emotional and energetic states.

For her, The biggest shift happened when...

she decided to give up all of her possessions to seek a more natural simplified way of life. She decided to wander and live more nomadically in a tent in the woods, or car. She traveled all over the United States in a spiritual quest. Studying with a wilderness survival & awareness school that was deeply enriched in Native & Nature Philosophy, Healing & Ceremony. The teachings embodied the Way of the Warrior, The Healer, she found great purpose behind sharing this lineage of teaching. To be a bridge and guide for bringing people back to Nature, so that they can connect to their own vision and share it with the world.

Donna brings almost 2 decades of experience as a healer and mentor in these disciplines. She passionately shares these teachings to her clients through personal coaching and programs, creating powerful transformational shifts in emotional, heart, spirit and nature connection.