My Mission is to Awaken you to your Higher Self, your purpose & the Natural World Around You.

 A World filled with Enchantment, Trust and Breathtaking Awe.



I started professionally training in the Healing Arts in 2000. Becoming more connected to working with individuals from a holistic perspective of their physical bodies, emotional and energetic states.

The biggest shift happened when...

I decided to give up all of my possessions and seek a more natural simplified way of life. I decided to wander and live more nomadically in a tent in the woods, or my car. I traveled all over the United States in a spiritual quest. I studied with a wilderness survival & awareness school that was deeply enriched in Native & Nature Philosophy, Healing & Ceremony. We embodied the Way of the Warrior, The Healer, and found great purpose behind sharing this lineage of teaching. To be a bridge and guide for bringing people back to Nature, so that they can connect to their own vision and share it with the world.

This experience was transformational as I began to deepen my relationship with the natural world. A relationship that would become so powerful, that I know Im fully integrated in walking a path of Purpose with clarity and support from the seen and unseen.



Through experience, I learned to trust deeply. To know spirit's whispers, and to know I will be caught if I listen with my heart and take the leap. This trust and inner knowing was from looking deeply within myself, and aligning my intention, working with honing in my intuition and knowing profoundly how to read the energy around me in the moment.

I LEARNED to tap into this flow. And, I'm here to show you how to do this for yourself. To help Ground and Anchor your vision, in powerful ways. To help align you to your greatest potential in life and manifest this into fruition.

I Will NOT tell you to give up Your Belongings

I will Not tell you to live in the woods out of a tent or in your car.. (unless you want to)

But, I will tell you.. You can discover your gifts.

You can learn to Trust yourself and the Universe.

You have a purpose and mission. And, I can help you find it.